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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  March 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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it is soggy! it's a lame way to start the week . aubrey was jealous what to expect for the rest of the day. the death toll climbs in pakistan. we will have the latest numbers there. juliet: horrible story ted cruz is campaigning for fear it comes to security in new york city. >> let's lay out. ted cruz can't stand new york or new yorkers.
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at my house. . happy easter! robert: hi, juliet how are you? juliet: i had a good weekend i was in poughkeepsie, new york. lovely town. look who was here. how are you doing? very good. we had a lot of sunshine and temperatures were average for this time of year. now we starting the week of leaving the weather pattern in place. rain moving across the tri-state. steady rainfall found across long island coming down to a pretty gun click around nassau and sussex county. patches result this morning
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handy. temperature in the 40s area wide. 43 in poughkeepsie and 360 in monticello. in hoboken in the west skills with pinebrook in berkeley heights. they check in at 410. look at our satellite from the southerly direction. again, we have intermittent rain on and off the with another batch coming in from the west. it is much drier weather. have your umbrella handy. it's raymond drizzle on and off.the day. let's get a check at the roads with ines. ines: the commute is looking pretty good. in westchester county between rockland . no issues with the weather. as
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moving fine. let's look at the commute. the expressway have a possibility of wet roads touring the arizona bridge. as for the trains , running on or close to schedule. strickland rules are in effect . the death toll climbs to 70. a suicide bomber targeted christians in pakistan. as a park with mothers and children. 300 people were wounded . the bombings happened in the core. people gathered there to celebrate easter. this is where families come out and there was tons of children injured. >> a pakistan officials say they targeted the
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isis claim responsibility. the army is now surrounding the parliament and other buildings to prevent riots by militant protesters who have been rallying there since saturday. two more identified as the brussels airport bombings. the couple died in the blast after just having drop stephanie's mother off and seeing her through security. obama has called the family to offer condolences. for americans identified so far from among the victim's of the terror attacks. hundreds of demonstrators and anti-emigration with insight of a man coming to the government shouting anti- isis chants. there is neo-nazi's they are trying to disrupt the whole thing yelling anti-muslim thing so it was a complete nightmare and they had to cancel whole event. ted cruz is being criticized for his comments on security in the muslim community.
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donald trump in that battle continues to be personal. carriage joins us live in his room. gary, this was plenty of fodder for the shows. >> good morning. the personal attacks continue with nearly all of the candidates appearing on the sunday talk shows. one main topic is a tabloid story accusing him of blaming his wife. cruz claimed , saying it was disgraceful. on sunday's talkshow circuit , the republican front-runner denied any involvement with the national enquirer story published last week claiming that ted cruz had cheated on his wife heidi possible times. >> can you categorically guarantee that no one on your campaign no one tied to your campaign had anything to do with the national enquirer story? >> i had nothing to do with it . >> the story is garbage in a tabloid smear and it came
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john kasich was in. off-limits. you can't get these attacks on families. more fallout from cruises call in the week of the brussels attack. police patrolling muslim communities before they become radicalized. in the daily news, big bill bratton learns of it and . >> when you have people campaigning their fear and using that as leverage in giving advice to the police to be the cudgel of the fear, it's not the direction of american policing should be taking in a democracy. >> on the democratic side it's a big weekend for bernie sanders. the vermont senator picks up inside wins in alaska, hawaii and washington state. hillary clinton has a sizable lead sanders says
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>> i will not deny that we still remain the underdogs but we have come a long, long way. you will have to concede in the past 10 months.we had a path towards victory. >> as for the path, political experts say he will have to earn 67% of remaining delegates to win the nomination. he says he plans to stay in the race until the end , regardless. donald trump's offspring had more offspring.the longer trump gave birth to a baby boy. she announced the birth of the euro james saying she and her husband jared feel blessed. theodore is his eighth grandchild . congratulations!>> 4:37 am. days after a fire destroyed the house of your worship, members of the historic presbyterian church
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mass was held at the bergen performing arts center. the pastor reiterated that the church is about the people and not the building. >> easter is about resurrection and remembering that death is not the final word in there is hope in any situation or circumstance. >> is not the building it's the people. it's the energy . >> reverend richard hong says other groups step in with offers to help. the church is preparing a gym on the property to host services. 4:38 am. bobby does his thing i is. >> is going to be an energetic thing.
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good morning. we are starting out with
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across the tri-state area. in the 40s across most areas. 33 raises a number across the map . it's a towards poughkeepsie and islip. cooler in monticello with temperatures at 360. up towards west chester at 43 in bedford and new rochelle and hudson. frogs neck checking in at 430 as well as the bronx and yonkers. tell about the wet weather. it's coming through the area at the moment. we see steadier rainfall and it's coming down a pretty good clip around the nassau and sussex county border. driving on the lie from the mid-county out towards queens it looks like he will be encountering steady rainfall and that could slowly down. if used to be quiet across new jersey. there is a larger line of rain coming in from the west and is edging its way across pennsylvania. it works its way eastward and it passes through the area. looks like the middle part of today.
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dramatically cooler , windier or, you want to have your umbrella handy and we expect the patchy fog from some roadways. amateurs in the 50s and the wind picks up this afternoon. tomorrow afternoon we will have plenty of sunshine but it will be very windy with wind gust of 245. estate is nice and dry on wednesday and the windsock off . we get milder by temperatures heading into the 60s. there is a threat of scattered showers in the weekend looks good with a mix of sun and clouds in temperatures moving through the 50s. that's a check of the weather. let's look at the roads with finance. we start off in brooklyn with a accident is found over by flatbush avenue.
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brooklyn bridge. keeping intend for the next few weeks, nighttime services suspended on part of the one train in manhattan. on next monday next friday, the train will run between 96th and 18th st. between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.. shuttle buses run between stops with the sea lions in the lines. the changes the fast-track prepare program. to help crews work on the track without interruption. >> joining us now is our friend the birthday boy just celebrating his 37th birthday. courteously we. >> still on that . curtis: what a bender it
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the bending continued. my sons are out there and don't be cheap seats. he threw nichols around like manhole covers. all three of my boys you know they gave me? peeps. >> they must be horrified by you. you show up to a television show looking like curtis: this is real. you get him uncensored and live. if we got you uncensored would be thrown off the don't think i am a pretty boy like the junior varsity boys . >> wait a second oh please . juliet: let's talk about ted cruz. we know what a fan of new yorkers he is. >> he despises us. juliet: we don't i don't . curtis: please, commissioner bratton and john milton are over-the-top. we run the police department by the
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of rights you guys called me 76 copy ever abided by the bill of rights. i am being real. i know when they abide by the constitution and bill of rights. this editorial by police i think he was a member of the civil liberties union. they had cops undercover in mosques and community centers as they should have. stop the pretty pretense that you are not overly patrolling muslim communities. >> what about the spat between the wives? should they be off limits? should family be off limits?
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>> i think all the breadcrumbs trace back to marco rubio. apparently it was him and his minions who were trying to plant this story until the national enquirer blew it up. as much as donald trump and ted cruz go back and forth how come no one has asked marco rubio? you have your fingerprints on this.
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and creepy. i am an expert in the field and i don't buy the story. >> why would you ever get married? it's impossible. take it from the probe. why do you get married? >> because i am a serial merrier. my mother will be 92 and he always says, do you love her? >> if you love her you have to do the right thing by your family and you must marry her . juliet: that she always add to that that you can also have an affair ? curtis: that's part of being a man and that's part of our dna. juliet: you say this stuff and you wonder . then they start looking through your phone. you put it online that you
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curtis: you women are neurotic. i admit it's in our dna . juliet: would you like an extra razor? sharon will be nice. it's much easier. it's much better than high karate. >> on top of it they tried to date him. who would you rather may ? me or ted cruz? juliet: i would rather just not exist. steve: i hope it's as good kansas is out ! it's the jayhawks.
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juliet: good morning. were in the 40s to new york city and out across long island. it's a little bit cooler towards monticello and the temperatures at 360. we have rain over spreading the tri-state area coming down steadily. the front is coming in from the west. there is patchy drizzling patchy fog. beware of that in some of the roadways. there is a strong gusty wind that keeps temperatures feeling like the 40s. robert and juliet over to you. >> duke is in with sports. there is syracuse orange in the area.there is my wife there as well. >> march madness rolls on and we find out who joins oklahoma in the final four
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what an amazing second half comeback. they were down 16 at one point in the second half and i was on the phone with him saying, this is all over. it's a blowout . >> the falcons knocked down the three from the wing in virginia is on top by 11. syracuse made a huge comeback. michael bennett drake it's the rebound and he goes coast to coast. syracuse is down by one. malachi richardson gasoline and he has 21 . they face the lead and it's part of the 24 run. syracuse had the first season to make the final four. it's the fourth double-digit seat to get that far. on north carolina and notre dame it's the winter to face next weekend and the final four first half.
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jumper. in the final four since the first time they want it all in 2009. the next are eliminated from the playoffs. it's the third straight year new york will not make the postseason. they beat the rockets and it mathematically eliminates them. at home playing pittsburgh coming up for eric stall with his best game so far. carolina earlier this year's scoring goals. rangers send it into overtime. it's 30 seconds left in the game and sidney crosby flex it. it's two goals with 36 seconds. it's in the first period. it's one of those from
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in the second. they beat the devils 3/2 at the final score. >> the real season starts on sunday and then take on the wheels. port st. lucie takes on the nationals. david ray goes deep for the home run. 10 mets. he shows power and its deep . the mets are up in the second. stephen got the start and they got back after a couple bad apples. he checks on five and five into giving up just one . tampa takes on the twins. yankees go on the board with a home run. phil hughes ties up the game at 1/0.
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runs in this rbi double. in mesa arizona the cubs with jason heyward surrounded by a storm of b's in the third inning. he tried watching from the outfield and use in centerfield altering the game for more than five minutes. eventually made its way to scramble for cover. eight and sex. there's lots of creepy things in arizona. >> lots of scorpions.
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from "fox 5 news", this is "good day early call" . good morning new york and surrounding areas. damages on the 40s right now. there is some lousy weather moving through the area. bring your umbrellas. audrey printers is in and she told us >> the death toll climbs in the massive suicide bombers in pakistan. the breakaway faction of the tele-band is claiming responsibility for the class. >> easter worshipers at st. patrick's cathedral are frightened to say the least. protesters disrupt mass . we will tell you why, coming up. >> paperless prescriptions. the rules change the way


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